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Florida Water Gardens
Florida Water Gardens

Florida Water Gardens is nationally recognized by the water garden & koi pond industry as one of the country's premier water feature, design & build, pond construction companies. We have four facilities specializing in Pond Design & Pond Construction that offer full aquatic services the Greater Orlando Metropolitan area and the entire State of Florida while we assist the entire United States with pond design and Pond Supplies often traveling well outside of Florida to build water features.

At each of the four Florida Water Gardens facilities we have water garden pond supplies and wonderful outdoor water feature display ponds including water garden ponds, traditional Koi ponds, HYBRID construction ponds, disappearing waterfalls, and fountains to demonstrate the many different water features that we can design to fit each of our clients’ needs. All of our ponds, be it a water garden pond, koi pond or a disappearing NO-Pond™ Waterfall (a waterfall without a pond), the designs revolve around creating synchronization between low-maintenance, high-efficiency and a properly balanced eco-system in order to create a water feature that will not only add beauty and value to your home but more importantly ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE.

For over a decade Florida Water Gardens has been creating peace and tranquility in yards across the nation using only top quality equipment that individually meets each of our different customers’ needs. Due to varying conditions, requirements and needs, every installation is approached with a custom, one-of-a-kind mindset. We give attention and regards to every detail before, during and after the construction. Whether it’s selecting the correct water feature, its brand, size and type of filtration system to choosing the proper size and location for your water garden pond feature we scrutinize every possible combination of designs before making any recommendations to you. DO-IT-YOURSELF customers are ALWAYS welcome to bring their ideas and projects and a FWG Professional will walk them through all aspects of the project. DO-IT-YOURSELF customers are also encouraged to attend one of our Educational Pond Water Garden Building Seminars and visit this site’s HOW-TO Library.

We offer the following professional services:
All Types of Water Feature Consulting, Design, Construction, Maintenance
Koi Pond, Water Garden Pond & Hybrid Pond Consulting, Design, Construction
No-Pond™ Waterfalls Installations (Waterfalls without ponds that are low-maintenance)
Pond Water Garden Maintenance Services & Contracts
Educational & Do-It-Yourself Pond Construction Techniques & Seminars
Backyard Waterfall Training Seminars
Custom Concrete Hand-Carved Pool & Spa Waterfalls
Custom Concrete Hand-Carved Exotic Animal Enclosures, Zoo & Museum Exhibits
Custom Fountains
In-Store & Online Technical Pond Support
Florida Water Gardens

For your convenience Florida Water Gardens has many water features in public areas throughout Central Florida which you can drive to and appreciate. We also can arrange a private or map based tour of some of our client's homes by appointment. Contact Us to set an appointment. After more than 15 years located in Winter Park, we are now taking a new more approach while saving you money at the same time. We now bring the store, our years of experience & award winning water features and most importantly OUR PASSION to you!

Most of our work is in Central Florida yet we provide Statewide, National & International Consulting, Design, Construction and Project Management Services. We can also guide you to a Qualified Water Garden Pond or Koi Pond Contractor in your area through our National Water Garden Pond Contractor & National Koi Pond Contractor Networks.

Call us at 407-679-7787 for a list of water features available for viewing which are close to you.

We also stock a large inventory of both Do-It-Yourself and Professional grade pond supplies, pond kits & hybrid Koi Pond kits, No-Pond™ Waterfall Kits, custom koi pond filtration systems, pumps, EPDM pond rubber liner, fountains, bird & animal control, many more supplies & accessories. Along with pond construction equipment we also have in stock koi fish, fish food, water treatments, water lilies and aquatic plants. We also have tons of natural stone and boulders to build any pond, waterfall, patio and walkway which are available by the pound, ton or semi-load.

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