“HOW-TO” Design & Build

HOW-TO Select & Install

  • HOW-TO Select & Install A Water Garden Pond Filter
  • HOW-TO Select & Install A Traditional Koi Pond Filter
  • HOW-TO Select & Install A Water Garden Pond Kit
  • HOW-TO Select & Install A Pump
  • HOW-TO Select & Install A Pressurized Media Filter
  • HOW-TO Select & Install An Ultraviolet Sterilization Unit (UV Light)
  • HOW-TO Select & Install Underwater Lights
  • HOW-TO Select & Install Bird And Critter Control Devices
  • HOW-TO Select & Install A Settling Chamber
  • HOW-TO Select & Install Aquatic Plants
  • HOW-TO Select & Install A Fountain

“HOW-TO” Maintain & Service

  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service A Water Garden Pond
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service A Traditional Koi Pond
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service A pondless disappearing
    NO-Pond™ Waterfalls
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service A Pump
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service A Pressurized Media Filter
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service An Ultraviolet Sterilization Unit (UV Light)
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service Aquatic Plants
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service A Water Illusion
  • HOW-TO Maintain & Service A Fountain

“HOW-TO” Install / Retrofit

  • HOW-TO Install / Retrofit A Skimmer
  • HOW-TO Install / Retrofit A Waterfall Filter
  • HOW-TO Install / Retrofit A Bottom Drain
  • HOW-TO Install / Retrofit An Ultraviolet Sterilization Unit (UV Light)

Other “HOW-TO” information

Welcome to our HOW-TO Library where you will find all the information required to correctly design, build and maintain water garden ponds, koi ponds, hybrid ponds and fountains. You will also find information on choosing the right type and size of filtration equipment, pump, plumbing, lighting, fish, aquatic plants and more. We even have a section that will help you with important questions and qualifications when choosing to hire an installer for your project.

All the information and photos in this HOW-TO Library has been compiled from years of consulting, designing, constructing and maintaining water garden ponds, koi ponds, hybrid ponds and fountains. Some of the information and techniques within this library were developed by our construction crew and have become industry standards. Please remember that there are many different ways of designing, constructing and maintaining water garden ponds, koi ponds, hybrid ponds and fountains and the ways in which we do things might differ from what you might have read somewhere else.

Why is the information in books and internet so conflicting?

Unfortunately the information on these topics will vary from region to region, retailer to retailer and contractor to contractor. This is mostly due to different climates but also the level of knowledge of the person disseminating the information. Some retailers and contractors tell you what they read on a book or is written on the back of the equipment as fact and that it will work as written in all situations and applications. This is NOT the case! Variations in temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, shade, sun, trees, quantity and variety of fish…….the list goes on! There is NO one filtration system that will handle every single installation due to the different dynamics that involved in every single project. Just as technology changes in the computer industry so has it in the water garden, koi pond, hybrid pond and fountain industry……..just not as fast.

At Florida Water Gardens by FWG Design LLC we have developed filtration methodologies that are able to create a balanced ecosystem in some of the worst conditions in the United States. Over ten years ago we followed the manufacturer’s instructions and installed our first pond. We soon found out that we had just sold a customer a huge headache. With time and patience we removed, added and modified the pond until we found the combination that worked for that customer. We then did the same modified installation on our next pond and we still had problems but not as many. After minor “tweaking” of this and that we got that pond under control also.

It took a few years of installations and modifications to develop filtration methodologies and formulas that work here in Florida. We had to redefine and recalculate all of the manufacturers’ formulas and information and adapt them to our very special environment. Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” and we have earned it! Here in Central Florida we have full sun all year (high levels of UV light), it is very humid (more water in the air and less oxygen), lots of rain daily (unbalances the ecosystem) and almost everyone keeps up with their lawns (high levels of fertilizers) all bad elements which make it nearly impossible for the average homeowner to keep their water garden pond, koi pond, hybrid pond or fountain neat and crystal clear.

Freddie “The Pondman™” simply states, “If it works for us here in Florida, it will work for anyone…..anywhere.”

Feel free to use this HOW-TO Library as often as you need but please keep in mind that ALL the information and photos are Copyright protected and are sole property of Florida Water Gardens, Inc. and may NOT be replicated, duplicated and/or used in any way, manner or form without prior written consent.

If you need help with something that is not covered in this HOW-TO Library, feel free to Contact Us so that we may assist you in getting you the answer to your question.