Koi Pond Repair, Orlando, FL

Our koi pond repair services are done with great care to provide a healthy environment for your koi.

There are several reasons why koi ponds are growing in popularity. Koi are amazing to watch due to the graceful way they move about the water. It doesn’t hurt that they are fairly easy to care for. However, it is important to have a well-designed koi pond for them to reside in and to take care of any koi pond repair issues as quickly as possible. Koi can live for several years if given the right environment. It is not unheard of for a koi to live more than 20 years, and some can even reach 30 years of age. Again, that depends largely on how well you take care of them. When you consider that some koi can be quite expensive, it makes sense to give them the best care possible.

Koi Pond Repair in Orlando, Florida

At Florida Water Gardens by FWG Designs, LLC, we can be a valuable resource for keeping your koi pond in top condition. We offer all the services you could ever need, starting with designing and building your koi pond and continuing right through maintenance and koi pond repair to resolve any problems that might have come up with the pond or filtration system. We also offer services that help DIYers navigate their journey through koi pond ownership. We love koi, and anything we can do to help a family or business have a beautiful koi pond is something we find truly rewarding.

If you are in need of koi pond repair or any of our other koi pond services at your Orlando, Florida home or business, don’t hesitate to reach out. Even if koi aren’t your thing, let us know what other types of water features you might be interested in learning about.