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Our fountain installation and other water feature work has been featured in multiple magazines.

If your idea of a beautiful fountain for your Orlando, Florida home or business is something more than a pre-fab bird-bath-sized fountain, you have come to the right place. At Florida Water Gardens by FWG Designs, LLC, the sky is the limit bringing your fountain installation project to life. We have designed and built some of the area’s most impressive fountains, including several at area theme parks, hotels, and commercial properties, not to mention creating focal points at numerous homes in the area.

Fountain Installation in Orlando, Florida

Our fountain installation and other water feature work has been featured in multiple magazines and on HGTV. With countless awards and certifications, we are confident that we are your best choice for fountain installation, as well as any fountain maintenance or fountain repair you might need in the future. Whether you are interested in only a fountain or you would like additional water features, such as a koi pond, waterfall, or even a pondless waterfall, we will bring your vision to life.

You should know that not all fountain installation and water feature installation is the same. Experience, passion for what you do, and attention to detail are important to get the results you deserve. While other companies only install one type and brand of filtration system, we have a deeper knowledge and understanding of filtration technology to provide the specific system your project requires. We treat every project with the custom approach it deserves. If the idea of a unique fountain installation appeals to you, we are the clear choice. Contact us today to learn more.