Why Hire a Pro for Pond Maintenance?

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A backyard pond is a beautiful addition to any home, provided it stays looking as nice as it did when it was first installed. The key to having a consistently healthy pond is keeping up with pond maintenance and any repairs that come up in a timely manner. This is especially critical if you have a koi pond or a natural pond with plant life. The best way to be sure your pond remains attractive and healthy is to hire a pond maintenance professional. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a pro:

  • Healthy koi- Let’s face it– koi are not inexpensive. Even if you choose more affordable common koi, getting enough to fill a pond can cost you several hundred dollars. To protect that investment, use a pond maintenance professional who will take care of cleaning, maintaining, and repairing any issues with your koi pond.

Why Hire a Pro for Pond Maintenance?

  • Healthy environment- A poorly maintained pond becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and can be unsightly and smelly. Rather than worry about having a green pond, hire a pro to stay on top of your pond maintenance.
  • Professional advice- A pond maintenance professional is a valuable resource for information for upgrading or taking care of your pond between visits. They’ll let you know if your filtration system isn’t doing its job, if you have too many koi or plants, or if there is another correctable issue.

If you would like to gain these benefits, as well as free up your time, give us a call at Florida Water Gardens by FWG Designs, LLC. We offer pond maintenance, as well as pond design and installation, pond filtration system replacement, pond cleaning, pond repair, and more. Our pond maintenance services are available for residential and commercial properties in the Orlando, Florida area.