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The Florida Water Garden Photo Galleries contain over 10 years of work for our customers. Enjoy strolling through our photo galleries and feel free to Contact Us with any question on any of the projects and/or photos.
Complete Transformations
(Before & After Photos)
What do you see when you look out your window? Instead of seeing what is there, let us show you what COULD be there. Water garden ponds, gazeboes, bridges, waterfalls and streams, statues, koi ponds, hybrid koi ponds, NO Pond™ pondless disappearing waterfalls and fountains… choose one, choose a few or choose all the elements, the design and construction options are limitless! Let us help make your dreams a reality. This photo gallery contains some of the most dramatic Before & After yard transformations we have done through the years.
Water Garden Ponds
water gardens
No other style of water feature encompasses all the elements of water gardening. Water garden ponds include waterfalls, streams, koi, water lilies and natural stone boulders all working in harmony to evoke the ultimate sense of peace, tranquility and relaxation. Water garden ponds are about setting the mood to your environment and creating a lifestyle that brings enjoyment to the whole family.
NO-Pond™ Pondless
Waterfalls & Streams
no-pond waterfall
For those that want the look and sounds of waterfalls and streams but do not want fish or are worried about small children and an exposed body of water a NO-Pond™ waterfall feature is the answer. NO-Pond™ disappearing waterfalls are becoming the most popular water garden features in the industry. NO-Pond™ pondless waterfalls require the least amount of maintenance out of all types of water features. This type of water feature is excellent for front yard applications as well as small or large backyard waterfall features.
The sounds of waterfalls can instantly take one back to a favorite vacation getaway spot. Small or large, cascading or multiple falls…waterfalls are the symphony to all water garden ponds, koi ponds, hybrid koi ponds and NO-Pond™ pondless disappearing waterfalls. This Waterfall Photo Gallery takes a look at different styles of waterfalls. (NOTE: When choosing a style of waterfalls from these photos keep in mind that we can create any style in any size regardless of the size of the waterfall in the photo.)
Traditional Koi Ponds
koi ponds
Different strokes for different folks… traditional koi ponds are for those more interested in the koi-keeping hobby than the aesthetics of the pond itself. If all that matters to you is enjoying the koi, then a Traditional Koi Pond might be what you are looking for. Most traditional koi ponds are geometric in design, deeper than water garden ponds and have more extensive filtration systems. Creativity was key in creating the koi ponds in this photo gallery.
The soothing trickle of a babbling brook that lazily meanders under a footbridge is just the right addition to any water garden pond, koi pond, hybrid koi pond or NO-Pond™ pondless disappearing waterfall feature. Streams can increase the size of a water feature without increasing too much the cost of the project. Streams also create interaction between visitors and the water feature.
Koi , Aquatic Plants
& Pond Visitors
The photos in this gallery show the beauty that water garden ponds and koi pond water features posses. Koi lazily swimming among the blooming water lilies and the wind rustling through the cattails have the power to relax the mind, body and soul. ENJOY!
Custom Hand-Carved Concrete Waterfalls, Decks, Trees, Etc.
custom hand carved waterfalls
These water features are truly one-of-a-kind. This technique of waterfall construction can be used on koi ponds, swimming pools and spas. Each waterfall construction is made from custom bent rebar and steel lathe that is overlaid with concrete and hand-carved and stained for a natural stone appearance. Whether you are looking for a new waterfall construction or are just renovating your koi pond, swimming pool or spa, this type of waterfall construction will truly be a custom showpiece to your home. We also can custom hand-carve your existing deck and convert your koi pond, swimming pool or spa into a lagoon style water feature and convert columns into trees. Anything is possible!
Exotic & Zoological
Animal Habitats
From exotic bird aviaries to iguana and snake enclosures, we can create an everlasting natural habitat for whatever exotic pet you may have. We research and create a habitat to replicate the indigenous trees, rocks and overall environment to your exotic pet’s true origin. We have done work for zoological parks, which is of extreme importance for us to be geographically correct when creating a habitat for a certain animal, or pet. As you enjoy this gallery keep in mind that everything is made from custom hand-carved concrete. In other words, if it is not green it is concrete!
Water Illusions
water illusions
Water Illusions are overflowing pots, bubbling rocks, plumbed statues or fountains that spill into the ground giving the illusion of a never ending water source when in fact the water is caught in an underground basin and re-circulates the water back to the pot, bubbling rock, etc. Any object will work such as a fire hydrant, spigot, outdoor shower, a garden watering can or anything that you can imagine. Check this photo gallery out and get creative!
Custom Fountains
custom fountains
Custom fountains are great for those special hard to fit spaces in your home when a store bought fountain just one do. Custom fountains can have any style such as Mediterranean, Old World, Spanish, Art Deco, etc. We can both build to your design or we can custom design and build that special water fountain feature that you have been looking for and could not find.
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